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7-9 Months Baby Growth Box 01

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At This Stage

Your baby is more aware of everything around them and fascinated with details.

Your baby loves to see the effect they can have on their environment.

✔Promote speech development

✔Practice nesting and stacking

✔Learn about object permanence

✔Lay the foundation for memory development

✔Practice coordinating & balance


What's Inside the Box

  1. Ball drop box ×1
  2. First puzzle ×1
  3. Montessori block cup ×1
  4. Montessori egg cup ×1
  5. "It's Potty Time" soft book ×1
  6. Colorful blocks ×1
  7. Nesting stacking cups ×1
    Ball drop box
    Build gross motor skills while learning that something can be there even when you can't see it
    First puzzle
    Start developing fine motor and problem solving skills
    Montessori block cup
    Montessori egg cup
    This Montessori classic helps your baby work on concentration and coordination
    "It's Potty Time" soft book
    A soft book to help your child develop a sense of life
    Colorful blocks
    Promote tactile development and explore cause and effect
    Nesting stacking cups
    Essential to several key concepts: tower-building, nesting, pouring, and containment

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