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4-6 Months Baby Growth Box 01

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At This Stage

Your baby may start to recognize your face—cooing at you, smiling, and delighting everyone they meet.

Your baby may be tasting, mouthing, and feeling everything they can get their hands on right now. 

✔Develop speech and oral motor strength

Encourage social awareness

Practice using both sides of the brain

Make the most of tummy time

Develop language skills

Strengthen coordination and dexterity

Practice fine and gross motor skills

What's Inside the Box

  1. Wooden rattle ×1
  2. Wooden roliing bell ×1
  3. Wooden teether ×1
  4. Soft tissue box ×1
  5. Ocean tails soft book ×1
  6. Ocean black & white book ×1
  7. Silicone teether ×1
  8. Sensory fitness ball ×1
  9. Dinosaur duck tumbler ×1 
    wooden rattle
    Nothing beats a classic wooden rattle when learning to track sounds
    wooden rolling bell
    Explore new ways to coordinate senses: feeling, seeing, and hearing all at once
    Wooden teether
    Sensory, speech, and oral motor development in a unique way
    Soft issue box
    Babies love to pull tissues out and put them back in as they explore containment
    ocean tails soft books
    A book that promotes touch, vision, hearing and intellectual development at the same time
    ocean black & white book
    High-contrast images are riveting to your baby at this stage
    Silicone teether
    Mouthing objects helps your baby get ready for speaking and new textures
    Sensory fitness ball
    Promotes baby's sensory development and physical flexibility and coordination
    dinosaur duck tumbler
    Make tummy time more fun while building core muscle strength for crawling and walking

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