About Us

About BabyGrowthBox

BabyGrowthBox will provide subscribers with a mysterious box every month (depending on your baby's growth stage). Each box will have fun supplies to help your baby grow up.


Our founder, Lydia, has been engaged in the practice and research of children's education for nearly 7 years after obtaining a bachelor's degree from a university. When Lydia had her own baby, she quit her job in order to accompany the baby's growth wholeheartedly. In the process of growing up with her baby, Lydia has deeply sensed the lack of time for office workers to accompany her children. Lydia believes that young parents should not waste time choosing toys and supplies for their children, but should spend more time on their children. Lydia gradually came up with an idea to share his knowledge and experience in education and accompanying children with everyone, so he formed our team with a few like-minded friends.

Our Team

We have a dynamic and creative team. Our team members come from different professional fields, but they have similar experiences. They work closely together, in-depth in creative product development, professional research, customer communication, etc., hoping to bring the best experience to every parent. We are very happy that you are here, and we can’t wait to deliver your first BabyGrowthBox to your happy baby.

Our Supply Chain

We have many cooperating production enterprises, and they are based in China, which is known as the factory of the world. Relying on our strong supply chain advantages, we can continuously launch new products. Our supply chain has a complete and scientific quality management system. We ensure that our products are safe and reliable, and have passed CE, CPC, Reach, GB6675 and other tests.